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Year-around package

All you need for a year around installation except for 110 mm standard ventilation pipe:
3.290 € plusVAT ( 25%unless you have a valid EU-tax number) Packagae as shown below. Shipping is not included.

Dimensions: H x W x L = 1.8 m x 0.80 m x 1.2 m

M1800 Composting tank is easy to place on a basement floor, easy maintenance suitable for up to 5 persons year around. If further capacity is needed more toilets would also be likely. A second not frequently used toilet could be a Sealand.

Tank with life-time warranty
The tank is equipped as follows:
- Inspection hatch
- Ventilation connection
- Drain net
- Starter bed and vermi cultrure (see below)
60-200 lit. collection drum for the odor- and bacteria-free liquid end product. This drum can be partially buried or sunk in the floor. It does not need to be placed under the compost tank but should be draining the composter by gravity. In some situations the drum can be equipped with an automatic submercible pump to get the liquid up to be stored at ground level.
Our toilet Elegant made with two ply ABS acrylic for supergloss and scratch resistent surface. Equipped with Hot-Seat based on a high quality seat and cover from KANDRE. It is powered by a 24Volt transformer to be perfectly safe in the bathroom
A 280mm diameter connection chute between the toilet and the tank, normally 70 cm long but can be specified at any length up to 5 meters (for a second floor installation).
Heated sit-ring is the star of the system, very much appreciated, especially at night and allowing for the bathroom itself to keep a lower temperature.

2.800 KR if bought separately.
Option - SEALAND
Sealand is an ultra low flush toilet using on average around 1/2 a liter per flush. "The trap" has been replaced with a ball-valve which reduces the flush amount considerably. The Sealand is still a flush toilet. It has all the disadvantages of a flush toilet -- risk of clogging, over-flowing, leaking, freezing if you leave the house in cold weather etc. We do not recommend using this toilet as the main toilet but only as the second less used toilet in the house.

+ 1.400 Kr or 5,850 Kr bought separately incl. Hot-Seat.
Optional use of the toilet
The toilet top and liner can also be installed as a bench toilet without using the bottom piece. This can be advantageous if the distance to the tank is short (allowing the tank to come up closer to the floor or even be above the floor).

The compost worm Eisenia Foetida is a very shy small earth-worm who can cope with the higher nitrogen content found in manure piles.It does not like dry or warm and might benefit from a watering device (see below).
This manual irrigation equipment is included in the package.
A Gardena automatic watering timer.
Starter bed 600 liter is included in the package.
An extra bale available at 160 Kr.
An in-line ventilation fan provides the guarrantee for the odor-free operation. The fan is included in the package price and is augmented with two airtight connectors to a 110 mm sewer and drain pipe used for the ventilation. The fan has two speed options drawing 24/37 Watt. The sound level is 27/34 dB respectively which is quiet as fans go. Easy to replace and carries a 10 year warranty.

12Volt and 0.16Amp fan in a galvanized housing for installations without line power. Can be powered by a solar panel.


Based on 45 years experience


Carl Lindström is a civ. egineer from KTH Stockholm and MIT Cambridge MA. He is the co-founder along with his parents of the first commercial composting toilet Clivus AB, which later became Clivus Multrum AB. There was an early assumtion that the system would produce solid compost. Over the years a new process has emerged called Long-Term Composting (see video on the left) where the end-product is liquid and the solids is left for several decades. Based on decades of observations, a next generation process-tanks have been developed, taking less space and working with less maintenance and service than the older Clivus tanks. Carl was in the 1970ies working for the Swedish Environ-mental Protection Board and later served as environmental attché in Wash. DC. He works now as earlier with the US corporation Clivus Multrum USA Inc. In 2007 Carl founded CompostEra AB in Sweden with sights set on solving waste problems in the Swedish archipelago, replacing the older latrine-collection systems. The new tanks are dimensioned to go for 30-50 years without solids-removal.

Long-Term Composting has found great support in countries where ground water is vulnerable to pollution from toilet-systems that do not stop disease organisms from spreading into the environent.

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