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Is it not strange, absurd really, that toilets that do not deliberately mix drinkingwater with feces and urine on a large scale, are not taken seriously, neither by users nor the "experts" in the field? You would think differently when seeing the serious crisis the world faces with both drinking water shortage and shortage of clean broad spectrum fertilizers containing the crucial micronutrients in the right proportions to give food crops their good taste and good nutrition ?
Long-Term Composting Toilets with a purpose to return those nutrients to agriculture is actually the only technology we can call SUSTAINABLE!

The flush toilet or water closet (WC) with sewers to "get rid of the sewage" is actually the least sustainable technology there is when it comes to deal with our human excreta.
-WC pollutes yours and your neighbors drinking water
-WC spreads the nutrients that over-fertilize our lakes, river, estuaries and oceans
-WC uses about 1/3 of your precious drinking water
-WC spreads virus, bacteria, parasites and lately concerns for concentrated hyper-infectious human prions through waste water and sludge
-WC can also clog, freeze, break, flood and leak water as well as break mechanically. other words, as necessary as the yearly flu

The final product from the long-term composting is an odorfree, safe to use liquid, which can be used as a fertilizer. The solids remains in the processing tanks as it shrinks and can remain in the tank for several decades. This is how human pathogens are isolated and given a chance to degrade over a long period of time. New threats to our health seems to continueously appear, come to our attention and they are best dealt with stayin isolation whilst subjected to decay. The longer the retention time the better.

Baserad på 45 års erfarenheter

Carl Lindström grundade 2007 företaget CompostEra. Carl Lindström, var under 1960-talet tillsammans med sina föräldrar med om att bygga upp Clivus AB, som sedermera blev ClivusMultrum. Den patenterade lösning som då användes, dvs. att ”färdig kompost” skulle ”glida” ner till uppsamlingsfack (Clivus betyder lutning på latin) visade sig under årens lopp inte fungera. I stället har under senare tid nya typer av komposteringstankar tagits fram. Dessa tankar är kompaktare och bygger i huvudsak på erfarenheter som byggts upp under de 35 år då Carl Lindström arbetade med processen i USA. Han arbetade då liksom nu, med företaget Clivus Multrum USA Inc. (Ej att förväxla med det svenska Clivus Multrum AB)

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