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What is enclosed long-term composting?

A process that makes use of the small residual mineralized product remaining after a number of years processing.

When the tank is correctly dimesioned and designed it can operate for 30-50 years without any removal of solids

The composting process works best when the tank is almost full, which it continues to be for many years.

During this composting process we still get an odor-free and bacteria-free liquid which is an excellent fertilizer

Based on 45 years experience

Carl Lindström is a civ. egineer from KTH Stockholm and MIT Cambridge MA. He is the co-founder along with his parents of the first commercial composting toilet Clivus AB, which later became Clivus Multrum AB. There was an early assumtion that the system would produce solid compost. Over the years a new process has emerged called Long-Term Composting (see video on the left) where the end-product is liquid and the solids is left for several decades. Based on decades of observations, a next generation process-tanks have been developed, taking less space and working with less maintenance and service than the older Clivus tanks. Carl was in the 1970ies working for the Swedish Environ-mental Protection Board and later served as enviornment attché in Wash. DC. He works now as earlier with the US corporation Clivus Multrum USA Inc. In 2007 Carl founded CompostEra AB in Sweden with sights set on solving waste problems in the Swedish archipelago, replacing the older latrine-collection systems. The new tanks are dimensioned to go for 30-50 years without solids-removal.

Long-Term Composting has found great support in countries where ground water is vulnerable to pollution from toilet-systems that do not stop disease organisms from spreading into the environent.

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