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Some people are so used to the flush-toilet and its problems that they can't imagine anything better ... until they tried ours -- see why.

What we feel about a product is how our 5 senses respond to it -- below are some impressions to consider.


The flush toilet can have residual odors from the previous user, it can have odors when we use it and sometimes we leave odors behind for the next user which can be embarrasing...

No odor

The CompostEra is ALWAYS odor-free, before during and after use ... all odors are ventilated down the toilet and up above the roof -- odor never enters the bathroom which is ventilated entirely through the toilet!


We think of the flush toilet as quiet but it still can wake us up at night from water rushing in the pipes and from the flushing noise itself -- some toilet makes more noise than others...

No noise

The compostEra toilet is silent -- there is no flushing!, which many first find puzzling but soon get used to -- eventually we find it enoying that we have to do something and worry about clogging after we used a WC.


WCs usually has a cold toilet seat ... this is especially unpleasant at night when you don't want to be woken up ... Below: someone found a use for old socks


The CompostEra toilet has a warm toilet seat which relaxes the PC-muscles and we quickly get "addicted" to it ... actually to the point where many don't want to go on ordinary toilets with cold seats.


A water closet only looks clean if it is cleaned and maintained very carefully -- mineral deposits, rust, crystals and dirt show up very distinctly against the white porcelain background so it is only spotless if the water is minerla free.


The compostera toilet is good looking and takes less room than a WC.
The inside liner, the connecting chute and the inside of the tank are black so there are no unpleasant visual impressions. Everyone is astonished that there is no need to flush !


The WC does not affect our sense of taste (unless there is odor)


Taste is not affected at all with a CompostEra.

What we feel about it

When we use a WC we have the certainty, consciously or unconsciously that we are causing a big problem down the line. By purposefully mixing precious drinking water with bacterial feces and urine and then sending it off for many miles to a sewage plant that is unsuccessful in separating the two, other than superficially, we create a big energy demand and ruin two of our most precious resources -- clean water and the best plant nutrients we can imagine. By habit and taboo we simply suppress it ...

What we feel about it

When using a CompostEra we know right away that no drinking water is wasted or polluted and that the fecal matter will not be spread into the environment. The plantnutrients in our body waste will be proessed without any addition of heavy metals or chemicals via sewers ... There fore we created the conditions for recycling the best conceivable plant food, containing the all important micronutrients that give food its good taste, fragrance and its nutritional value.






"A long habit of not thinking a thing wrong gives it a superficial appearance of being RIGHT, and raises at first a formidable outcry in defense of custom. But the tumult subsides. Time makes more converts than reason"
- Thomas Paine, Common Sense, (1776)

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