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About CompostEra AB

CompostEra AB was formed in 2007 by Carl Lindstrom and Architect SAR Stig Bengtsson.


In the 1960ies Carl Lindstrom was part, along with his parents in starting Clivus AB, the first Commercial Composting toilet, later to become Clivus Multrum AB. Clivus is the latin word for inclination as Rikard Lindstrom's patent was based on the assumption that COMPOST would slide down the sloping bottom and collect ina compost collection compartment and that the "surplus liquid" would all evaporate. Over the years Carl and Clivus customers discovered that any such gliding of compost along the sloping bottom, never occured but that compost had to be pulled out from under the partition manually. CompostEra is the result of some 45 years of observations of what actually happens in the process. som förbättrar funktionen, har prisbesparande och installationsförenklande konsekvenser.

Carl did his thesis "MULTRUM" at the Royal Institute of Technology (KTH-69), on the thermodynamics of a composting process for organic household wastes. Later he had funding from the then STU (the Board for Technical Development for development of integrated composting and greywater treatment in different households. From 72-75 he was employed by the Swedish National Environmental Protection Board, in the R&D department. During 1975 to 1977 he served as the environmental attaché at Swedish Embassy in Wash. DC. After 1977 he worked in different capacities with the development of Long Term Composting system

Stig Bengtsson is an architect, never shrinking from difficult challenges. He is one of the leading experts on the 3D Archi-CAD and has traveled around the world as an ambassador for using 3D presentations as a visualazation tool. In Sweden he is known for several green architectural designs.

In Sweden, we have especially worked on solutions to the fragile island environments and their need for non-polluting sanitation The Swedish archipellago with its rocky and special vegetation had a system of latrine collection which now is about to end and CompostEra can provide the crucial technology for on-site treatment without polluting the coastal waters and the extremely fragile groundwater resources needed for drinking.

Enclosed Long-Term Composting is the ideal replacement for the latrine collection. It eliminates pollution from toilet wastes at the same time as it preserves and makes available the plant nutrients contained in human waste for use locally. The equipment is priced to suit limited economic budgets for these coastal areas and the technology is nearly fail proof with very low maintenance. No heating elements that can burn out, no water requirements that can drip, clog, freeze and fail mechanically. It has sufficient volume and capacity to ackomplish true long-term processing of the toilet waste and nothin happens very fast helping users to not be stranded should anything need a service call. The related greywater treatment is something we also have experience of from many parts of the world. see

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